“When a woman can report sexual violence with the same openness as someone reporting a mugging, we will have taken the next major step in addressing rape and sexual assault.” -Andrew Pari, LCSW

Andrew is the nation’s leading authority on the arousal response mechanism in sexualized violence, specializing in complex trauma in CSEC and sex industry professionals.

He is a passionate speaker, sought for his understanding of the effects of sexual violence. He is available for conferences, consultation, and speaking engagements on sexual assault, notably on the physiological arousal response to rape and sexual abuse. He also discusses the many myths and misunderstandings on rape and sexual assault held by many in both the lay public and professional fields.

He consults nationwide on:
Program development for SART/SARS
Campus sexual awareness programs to meet Title IX
Sex industry
Subject matter expert and expert witness
Provides consultation and training to law enforcement, line officers and special victims units
Developed specialized tools for both mental health and forensics to advance discussion & evidence collection around arousal in sexualized violence.

Based in Southern California, Andrew is available for travel with advanced notice. He can present in both interview or lecture format. His experience with stage and radio make him an excellent speaker for radio, podcasting, and live events.

Fee schedule:
Training fees vary depending on length & material. Expenses are not included in fee structure.
Two-Hour Training $500
Half-Day Training $1500
Full-Day Training $2500
Multi-Day Training Varies
Consulting & Testimony fees are based on the case.

He can be reached by telephone, email or via the reply form below.
Email: andrewgpari@gmail.com
Tel: 661/874-7950

Check out his landmark online Q&A discussion: Arousal in Sexual Assault.