To be perfectly heard and understood.

The goal of psychotherapy is more than only to heal and gain relief from the day-to-day or ongoing  suffering you may be feeling.  That’s an important and worthwhile goal, yes, because we cannot move forward when we feel so stuck in what and where we are.

However, the true path leads somewhere greater.  The wanting of the spirit to be seen and heard, fully, with its “all.”  Your deepest fears and secret joys.  To sit with them in the presence of no judgement, even love.

To be known through another, so that you can learn to know yourself and to, finally, finally, love oneself towards peace.

Andrew provides caring, supportive treatment to help you heal in your way while challenging you to move forward to a healthier you!

He employs a wide variety of trauma-focused practices designed to keep you present while exploring the difficulties of your abuse or assault.  He understands and can help manage the complexities of sexual trauma that many victims and survivors seem unable to talk about in other venues.

He is a licensed psychotherapist trained in multiple styles of sexual assault and trauma recovery practicing in the Antelope Valley Region of Los Angeles, CA.
He treats victims and survivors of sexual violence including specializing in working with sex industry professionals, as well as secondary survivors, family members and loved ones who are having difficulty coming to terms with their own reactions to the sexual assault of someone in their lives.

Fees are $150/hr; negotiable based on ability to pay. He currently accepts no insurance, though will work with you to provide reimbursable information for yours.
Psychotherapy is provided in-office, with telephone and tele-therapy options available based on existing laws in your area.

Please contact him for a complementary initial appointment or to discuss your concerns.
Tel: 661/874-7950
or via this site.