Hello All. You may have met me at a conference, read my work on Reddit or be visiting this site searching, for personal reasons.
However you got here, thank you for visiting my site and I hope you find something important and unique to take away. I have provided trauma response and treatment of many kinds over the years, largely focusing on healing from the pain of sexual abuse and assault.

I provide consultation and training on aspects of sexual violence that most in the field of mental health and legal investigation understand little about.
My work is in raising education and awareness on these themes and in providing treatment to those who continue to experience shame, pain and stigma for their reactions during their rape or sexual assault.

I have spoken to thousands of people over the years, both online and off, to help them understand the physical and biological reactions to sexual abuse and assault.

If you need help, recovery or information, I am here to help you. Please add your thoughts on this page or contact me privately to discuss whatever you need.

Link to Reddit.

All my best!